10 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Business

If you have any business then it will be incomplete without QR Code. It is a powerful tool for you to connect with your customers and streamline daily tasks. But QR codes are new to new businesses and how they can be use in their business is also a technical matter for them. But don’t worry we have given 10 creative ways to use QR codes in your business.

10 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Business

QR codes are a way for customers to get instant access to information with a simple scan using their smartphones. But apart from this there are many ways you can use QR codes and take your business to the next level:

1. Contactless Menu:

Integrate QR codes into your payment system to enable customers to make quick and secure payments using their smartphones. Nowadays every Fintech startup and payment service provider companies allow users to make transactions using QR codes. This improves checkout efficiency and convenience. Instead of asking for bank number and IFSC details, you can simply scan the code and make payment securely.

Advance Restaurants in Japan

Restaurants in Japan have become very advanced. You will find QR codes in every restaurant and they have also created many types of applications on it. You can read more about it in the International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance (IJTEF) research paper below.

Technology Acceptance of QR Code in Japan

2. Mobile Payment:

Physical menus are the main source of information about food in restaurants. But now it is old way, you can replace it with QR code. If one prints using QR code generator and places it on the table, it allows customers to view the menu on their smartphones. This way customers can feel happy and they can even change the menu language on their smartphone. You can also add creative photos, pricing, and other elements of the food you serve.

India’s UPI Success

In India, most of the payments are made through the UPI system which is integrated with QR codes. You will see QR code at every shop. One can easily pay the merchant in just a few seconds and there will be no charges. In the year 2023-24, India made more than 9,300 crore UPI transactions which is equivalent to $2.2 trillion. This data shows how India is leading the world digitally. (Source: bfsi.economictimes.indiatimes.com)

3. Product Information:

Place QR codes on product labels or packaging to provide customers with detailed information such as ingredients, usage instructions, and customer reviews. Many companies are now placing GS1 QR code on each of their products. It is not very expensive and is good for both consumers and businesses. It also reduces product duplication, helps to manage inventory properly and gives detailed product information to the end user.

BoAt using QR Authentication

The event registration process becomes complicated when the number of attendees exceeds expectations. But now you can simplify registration processes by using QR codes on invitations or promotional materials. Using this, attendees can register instantly by scanning the code from their smartphones. All the data of the attendees can be used later to send promotional offers or contact them for another event.

4. Event Registration:

If you purchased Boat headphones, you may see a QR code attached to one side of the speaker. On scanning that code you will get information about that product such as its production date, sound quality and other technical specifications about the product. You can also use this for product authentication: You have to scan QR to encode the OTP, then put that OTP on boat website to verify whethers it is original or not.

Event entry by scanning QR code

Feedback from customers is the most important element of any business. It helps businesses grow with customers, understand and solve their problems, and make decisions. You can encourage customers to leave feedback by placing QR codes on receipts or feedback forms. You can also direct them to online surveys or review platforms to gather valuable insights and improve customer satisfaction.

5. Customer Feedback:

In the United States, many singing and dancing event organizers use QR code technology for registration. Sometimes they provide wearable bands that have a QR code printed on them, so people can scan their bands at the scanning machines and enter the program area. The process is simple and less time consuming and increases the overall efficiency of the event.

6. Virtual Tours:

Virtual tours are the new reality in QR code technology. It has various uses in real estate, gaming, tourism and product display industries. For real estate agents, hotels or tourist attractions, QR codes can link to virtual tours or 360-degree videos. It attracts customers and gives them a glimpse of the property or experience before making a decision. It’s like VR (Virtual Reality) embedded in QR codes.

Virtual Experience in Real estate

In case of real estate sector, the property owner can give virtual tours to his flat buyers. He can show how the building will be built, its design, the design of the rooms and how the expectations of buyers will be translated into reality.

7. Promotional Campaign:

You can streamline staff training processes by embedding QR codes in training materials or manuals. If you don’t have enough space in the training workbook, you can simply add the QR code and link it to multimedia resources, tutorials, and quizzes. Scanning the code will give employees access to all needed materials at one time without any additional cost.

8. Staff training:

Brands run their promotional campaigns to promote their product. But with QR codes they combine those campaigns and provide discounts, special offers or exclusive content to customers who scan the code. You can also add a form so you can get customers’ contact information before redirecting them to the offer. Many brands are using QR codes in their offers.

9. Asset Management:

In the ecommerce supply chain, inventory management is linked to the overall efficiency of product delivery. A small mistake in inventory can cause chain disruption and delivery delays. You can improve inventory and asset management by attaching QR codes to equipment, products or warehouse shelves. It enables you to instantly scan tracking, maintenance history and stock updates.

Inventory Management at Amazon using QRcode

All Amazon products ship with QR codes. This helps Amazon to speed up its delivery process without any mistakes. Every day they deliver millions of products and manage every detail of the product by attaching a small QR code with all the product information. By simply scanning the code their employee can shift the product to the nearest location and deliver it seamlessly.

10. Membership and Loyalty Programs:

There are many creative ways to use QR codes in your business, you just have to learn the basics of using QR codes. By using it you can increase the efficiency of your business and understand the mindset of customers. It also has a positive impact on customer behavior, making them feel valuable.

By implementing QR codes into loyalty cards or membership programs, you can give your customers points and discounts when they scan the code while shopping. This can help you attract customers and influence them to place a second order by offering discounts.

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