Top 5 Bulk QR Code Generator Websites

QR code has gotten to be one of the things we relate with. Today WorldWideWeb is a part of everyday life. We query qr-code and get valuable information or we pay money with it. Nevertheless, for small business or start-ups they will require the QR Code with bulk due to their operations. Follow our article to find out the best 2024 QR-code generation websites – paid and free.

What is Bulk QR Code Generation?

Bulk QR code generation allows you to create multiple unique QR codes at the same time, saving you valuable time and effort. This can be especially useful for tasks such as:

  • Creating QR Code for Product Packaging
  • Creating QR Codes for Marketing Campaigns
  • Tracking Inventory with QR Code

1. QRcoderw (qrcoderw. com):

QRcoderw is the top QR platform which provides bulk QR generator. In the “Batch QR” category of the webpage, you can write up to chars in a code per ID number and download them as zip file. For this case, you will have no choice but to select one of those several options for QR, otherwise QRCodes will be in bulk and you’ll be limited to personalize your QR.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Helps in many content types, such as; URL, VCard and Text.
  • By encoder several QR code dowloads.


  • Where bulk QR codes are being used, users have little customization capability.
  • Not optional for bulk logo uploads and moods for doing history scrolling.

2. QR Code Generator (The-qrcode-generator. com)

This can also be considered a second most crowd – gathering website that works in the sector of online QR. It comprises almost 2 GW, which is more than one. over 5M people are active users that they rely on during the process of massive code generation and scanning of codes and texts they have in their lab. Their favorite feature of the site is that you can generate the needed number of QR codes within the limit. This is distinct from other platforms, which come with registrations fees once the coding Gene generation is done, but in this site, this is the exemption to the rule.


  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • Live demo to show forever free plan with basic features.
  • Also useful for scanning
  • Sheet generation is enabled with multiple features like customization options, such as uploading logo, PDF, App, and SMS.


  • Are some of the competitors offering more customization options than we do?
  • Lack of sufficient data storage in the base plan.

3. QR Code Monkey (qrcode-monkey. com)

At qrcode-monkey. you can create the front-end QR codes without paying a dime. The principal thing is that the website will not have any sets of pricing but it will charge you if you use their API. The humanization friendly Github homepage appearance make you feel cozy and you need no coaching to edit your posts. It’s unlike the above sites when it comes to enhancing which in turn creates a better environment for the users. Additionally, they have UN-linked chrome extension.


  • Completely Free
  • Error / Scannability option to increase quickly users monitoring on their files.
  • Generate Chrome extension with an API function as well.


  • The number of codes to be generated limited only to monthly particular number.
  • While some advanced features do require a’premium’ access, most of the skills can be learned for free.

4. Beaconstack (uniqode. com):

Beaconstack or uniqode. We have website www. bulk-qr-code. com, the No. 1 trusted platform online for the massive code QR code. Their solutions QR code are for: Restaurants, Consumer Goods, Real Estate, Healthcare, Law Firms and Retail. The Services of prominent enterprises like Amazon, Pepsi, Deloitte digital and Toyota are used by them.

For individual customers with the $5 monthly plan (5 Dynamic QR codes, 1 user seat), $24 monthly plan (50 Dynamic QR codes, 3 User seats) up to $99 monthly plan (500 Dynamic QR codes, 10 User seats). Marketing starts at $15 for 50 Dynamic QR codes with one user seat. There are more options. Contact the provider to discuss the pricing strategy and schedule a demo.


  • Comprehensive solution switch to QR code on multiple cases.
  • Exclusive addition (colors, CTAs) to the business capabilities of all hardware (window, door).
  • White-labeling for professional branding.
  • Free Trial available
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Multiple plans


  • High pricing
  • Without monthly plans—only yearly.
  • More ease in learning from more sophisticated tools than traditional ones.

5. Unitag (unitag. io):

Bringing in digital content will add a unitag interface to your physical billboard. In this case, all data such as your phone, Unky, text, whatsapp, URL, etc can be QR coded onto their website. Unitag is a British based organization as well that provides vCard, and packaging solutions for your company. It also offers analytics solutions.

Exceptional overtime is offered at minimum $17 hrly. 100 Dynamic QR Codes every month for standard pack with 2-week analytics history for 28$You can try out the demo to see whether it is suitable for you before proceeding the following steps to customize your solution.


  • Competency in QR codes and digital cards is a major issue for me.
  • QR Code is the most versatile way of providing the information and the features on QR Code that can change it into something interesting and engaging and adding power to it that can make it more customized.
  • GS1 Ready
  • Dynamic QR codes connected to various information hubs, where crucial data is recorded in real time.


  • This is commerce of wallets.
  • High pricing
  • No Free Trial
  • No giveaway on Yearly plan at all this time.

How to choose the Right Bulk QR Code Generator?

The best-fit QR bulk generator is the one that takes into account your particular needs and budget. If your initial needs are low then you are free to use unrestricted QR publishers. In case you are an enterprise or you require private and white label coded platforms, then take a look at a paid plan which is made for you. You can consider factors like:You can consider factors like:

Features: Do you need the basic ones or you need to maybe for the design customization itself?It is a most commonly used framework by the business to display the code with a black QR and white background. Nevertheless, you might erase and adjust anything to fit your purposes. However, you could only make changes prior saving as QR code.

Free vs. paid plans: A freeware seems to hold some back. Make a list of the features that you need or want with the subscription cost in the mind.

Bulk generation limitations: Select between free and paid plan as per your database requirements, to determine that the plan that you choose is sufficient enough for your code generation. In most instances, the paid plans have the daily and monthly generation limit for the codes.

Customization options: With such proofs as logo uploads, color selections or other desired design elements for your brand image, make sure you are on check on the plan.

By following these tips, you can find the right bulk QR code generator to streamline your workflow and meet your business needs.

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